Mediated Matter @ The National Science Foundation image

Mediated Matter @ The National Science Foundation

June 24 2017

Julian Leland and Prof. Neri Oxman from The Mediated Matter Group will participate and present at an NSF Workshop on Additive Manufacturing for Civil Infrastructure……more

A New Approach to Making Buildings @ MIT News image

A New Approach to Making Buildings @ MIT News

May 04 2017

From the website: The list of materials that can be produced by 3-D printing has grown to include not just plastics but also metal, glass,……more

DCP @ Science Robotics image

DCP @ Science Robotics

May 04 2017

Link to paper The Digital Construction Platform is the first architectural-scale structure fabricated with the Digital Construction Platform (DCP). Using the Mediated Matter group’s Print-In-Place construction technique,……more

GLASS II @ Milan Design Week 2017 image

GLASS II @ Milan Design Week 2017

April 02 2017

The Mediated Matter Group has unveiled G3DP2: a high fidelity, large-scale, additive manufacturing technology for 3D printing optically transparent glass structures at architectural scale. In……more

Oxman to Keynote CHI 2017 image

Oxman to Keynote CHI 2017

March 11 2017

Neri Oxman will deliver the Opening Plenary keynote for CHI 2017. Entitled Material Ecology, the talk will take place on May 8th, 2017.  From the website: The ACM……more

Vespers @ Centre Pompidou image

Vespers @ Centre Pompidou

March 09 2017

Imprimer le monde Organized by Marie-Ange Brayer From the website: From designer object to architectural prototype, from the production shop to innovative research projects, this exhibition……more

Mediated Matter @ The Editorial image

Mediated Matter @ The Editorial

March 09 2017

By Heidi Legg Neri Oxman's work and research embodies so much of what we are experiencing as a society around technology, the hyper awareness of……more

Cycle of Creativity @ Yale image

Cycle of Creativity @ Yale

January 29 2017

Neri Oxman will present the Cycle of Creativity at Yale's School of Management on Monday, January 30th, 2017. Ideas covered in the talk will go on air……more

Material Ecology @ World Minds image

Material Ecology @ World Minds

December 09 2016

Neri Oxman will present at the World Minds conference in Zurich, on December of 2016. From the website: WORLD.MINDS ( is a hand-picked community of……more

Vespers Series II Debut image

Vespers Series II Debut

November 18 2016

We are excited to announce that our newest creation, Vespers—created as part of Stratasys’ The New Ancient Collection—will debut in The Design Museum in London, at the Fear……more

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