Vespers Series II Debut

Vespers Series II Debut image

November 18 2016

We are excited to announce that our newest creation, Vesperscreated as part of Stratasys’ The New Ancient Collection—will debut in The Design Museum in London, at the Fear and Love. The show is curated by Justin McGuirk and will open to the public on November 24th, 2016.

Vespers is a collection of death masks. Comprising three series—each comprised of five masks—the collection is designed to reveal cultural heritage and speculate about the perpetuation of life, both culturally and biologically. By pushing the boundaries of cusp technologies—such as high-resolution material modeling, multi-material 3D printing, and synthetic biology—they express the death mask’s deeper meanings and possible future utility, thus bringing it back to life. Here, we unveil the second series of Vespers, modelled after its precursor LazarusBoth projects leverage landmark high-resolution volumetric material modelling and volumetric 3D printing to create objects indistinguishable from the structural complexity found in nature.

To view the second series of Vespers, click here

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