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Christoph Bader is a research assistant in the Mediated Matter research group. Processes that produce shapes are a central theme of his work.  A Doctoral candidate, he works on the interface of computer science and design, combining techniques from computational geometry and sculpting, numerical simulation and nature-inspired patterns, and interactive applications and additive manufacturing. Christoph holds a diploma in Information Design and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. His bachelor thesis was awarded with the animago award 2014 in the category best interactive production. He is founder of deskriptiv (, a design studio mainly focusing on generative and computational design and has worked for several artists and international corporations.


2018   From Improved Diagnostics to Presurgical Planning
2018   Making data matter: Voxel printing for the digital fabrication of data across scales and domains
2018   Designing (for) Decay
2018   FAB Vernacular: Data-driven On-site Robotic Fabrication
2018   Spinning Smooth and Striated
2018   Parametric Chemistry: Reverse-engineering Biomaterial Composite Structures for Robotic Manufacturing
2016   Recursive Symmetries for Geometrically Complex and Materially Heterogeneous Additive Manufacturing
2016   Grown, Printed, and Biologically Augmented: An Additively Manufactured Microfluidic Wearable, Functi
2016   Data-Driven Material Modeling for 3D-Printing of Materially Heterogeneous Objects


Title: Methods and System for Direct 3D Printing of 3D Point Cloud Data.
No: 62353045
Filed: June 22, 2016
Inventors: Christoph Bader, Dominik Kolb, and Neri Oxman


Mediated Matter FASTCOMPANY Innovation by Design Award (2015)


Spectral Mesh Comparison Methods for Generative Design
A Unified Approach to Grown Structures
Data-driven and User-Driven Material Modeling
3D Printing Micro and Macro Fluidics with Liquid Support


Vespers: Series II
Vespers: Lazarus
Vespers: Series III
Vespers: Series I
Wanderers: Living Mushtari
Synthetic Apiary
WLA: Wet Lab Atelier

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