Jonah Goodman, Intern

Jonah Goodman



Jonah Goodman is currently a High School junior, residing in Marin County California. Jonah spent the summer of 2014 working in Boston, at the Mediated Matter group (MIT Media Lab). In his role as an intern, Jonah was instrumental in creating a custom extruder head for purposes of large-scale 3D printing. His research helped design an interchangeable pneumatic clamp, enabling the production of multi material extruder heads. Additionally, he was commissioned by 3D systems to beta test next generation 3D printers. Jonah currently remains on staff, while in high school.  His bedroom houses two 3D printers one of which he built himself. Jonah’s dream is to revolutionize manufacturing efficiencies through 3D printing, and secure a date for the junior prom. Jonah plans on returning to Boston next summer to continue his research.

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