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Steven Keating received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the MIT Media Lab in 2016. He continues to develop novel platforms for 3D printing, synthetic biological fabrication, and designed growth of the next generation of products. Curiosity drives his research and also saved his life through the accidental discovery of a baseball-sized cancerous brain tumor found in a voluntary academic scan. With his tumor successfully removed through awake brain surgery in 2014, Steven is an advocate for open patient data and curiosity. Steven joined Mediated Matter as the first student in 2010 and has since produced numerous peer-reviewed papers, presented keynote talks, and lectured for several MIT Mechanical Engineering and Media Lab courses (2.00b, 2.009, MAS.500, MAS.S64). Past research projects cover a diverse range from building-scale 3D printing, to microfluidics for synthetic biology, and novel fabrication methods to explore his own brain tumor data. Steve has been featured in a short film, "The Open Patient," and published in an O’Reilly Media book chapter, "Beyond 3D Printing: The New Dimensions of Additive Fabrication," which summarizes the directions of his research. Calgary is his hometown and he is invigorated by creativity, design, and maple syrup. 


2018   From Improved Diagnostics to Presurgical Planning
2017   Towards Site-Specific and Self-Sufficient Robotic Fabrication on Architectural Scales
2016   3D Printed Multimaterial Microfluidic Valve
2016   Grown, Printed, and Biologically Augmented: An Additively Manufactured Microfluidic Wearable, Functi
2015   DNA Assembly in 3D Printed Fluidics
2015   Multi-Scale Thermal Stability of a Hard Thermoplastic Protein-based Material
2015   Designing the Ocean Pavilion
2014   Beyond 3D Printing: The New Dimensions of Additive Fabrication
2014   The Patient is In: How Curiosity Saved His Life
2014   A Compound Arm Approach to Digital Construction
2014   Towards Swarm Printing
2014   Templating Biology for Design
2013   Bio-Beams: Project Outcomes
2013   Bio-Beams: Final Project Report
2013   Compound Fabrication: A Multi-Functional Robotic Platform for Digital Design and Fabrication
2012   Robotic Immaterial Fabrication
2012   Biobeams: Functionally Graded Rapid Fabrication
2012   M.Sc. Thesis: Renaissance Robotics: Novel Applications of Multipurpose Robotic Arms
2012   Design and Analysis of a Robust, Low-Cost, Highly Articulated Manipulator Enabled by Jamming
2011   Effects of Substrate Temperature on Indium Gallium Nitride Nanocolumn Crystal Growth
2011   Functionally Graded Rapid Prototyping
2010   Seeing through Corrosion


Title: Methods and Apparatus for Computer-Assisted Spray Foam Fabrication
U.S. Patent No: US20130295338 A1
Filed: April 03, 2012
Inventors: Steven Keating and Neri Oxman

Title: Jamming Methods and Apparatus
U.S. Patent No: US20120280421 A1
Filed: May 03, 2011
Inventors: Steven Keating and Neri Oxman


Mediated Matter Emerging Voices Award as team member, The Architectural League of NY (2015)
Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship (2015)
National Science and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (2013)
Steven R. Holtzman Fellowship for Digital Expression (2011)  
Mechanical Engineering deFlorez Award for Graduate Design, 3rd Place (2011)


Digital Construction Platform (DCP) v.2
Multimaterial 3D Printed Valve
DNA Assembly in 3D Printed Fluidics
Mechanic Biomaterials Deposition
Digital Construction Platform (DCP)
Spark Gap Glass
Ceramic Lichtenberg Sintering
Morphable Structures
Light Printing
Swarm Printing
Functionally Graded Printing
Print-in-Place Construction
Robotic Compound Fabrication


DCP: Digital Construction Environment
Wanderers: Living Mushtari
Water-based Digital Fabrication Platform

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