BioConstructs–Methods for Bio-Inspired and Bio-Fabricated Desig

2012  Zolotovsky, K. (Ortiz co-Supervisor Knight co-Supervisor, Oxman co-Supervisor)., Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Poster Presentation


This work presents experimentation with design and fabrication methods, using biological systems either indirectly (as a source of inspiration and information for design) or directly (as a material production for fabrication). The focus is on "bioconstructs"- design methods and processes that are invented and developed under the influence of biological systems. Two projects are presented. The Polypterus project examines the unique design principles of the armor of an ancient fish and possible ways to use these principles in the design of synthetic protective and flexible applications (bio-inspired design). The project deals with the correlation between geometrical data (units' shape and rules of their composition on a surface) and functional data (anisotropic flexibility of the surface) to formulate a parametric design system. The Xylinus project focuses on the adaptation of material production by bacteria to a fabrication process (biofabrication). This fabrication method combines digital tools and technologies with material production by a living biological system. The long-term objective is to use cellulose-producing bacteria to develop an additive manufacturing technique for architecture and product design. Both projects suggest methods to utilize biological systems for innovative design and fabrication methods.

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