3D Printed Syringe Pump

3D Printed Syringe Pump

Additive Manufacturing of Modular Hardware for Synthetic Biology
MIT Media Lab

William Patrick,Prof. Neri Oxman

What if digital fabrication tools could be used to “print out” tools used in biological engineering and synthetic biology? We designed, built, and open-sourced a 3D-printed syringe pump to control fluids through microfluidic chips. Other than a few off the shelf parts, the pump is entirely fabricated using a 3D printer and a tabletop CNC mill. The mechanical parts are modular and can be attached without fasteners. A custom circuit board powers and controls the pump via USB and a Processing based interface enables programmable control. In total the pump, costs $55 to manufacture and can be fabricated in several hours. 

In collaboration with Taylor Levy, Che-Wei Wang (MIT Media Lab Playful Systems) and David Kong (MIT Lincoln Laboratory).

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