Swarm Printing

Swarm Printing

2013, Silkworm Silk Deposition
MIT Medial Lab

Prof. Neri Oxman,Steven Keating,Markus Kayser,Jorge Duro-Royo,Carlos David Gonzalez Uribe,Jared Laucks

Work-in-progress: how can additive fabrication technologies be scaled to building-sized construction? We introduce a novel method of mobile swarm printing that allows small robotic agents to construct large structures. The robotic agents extrude a fast curing material which doubles as both a concrete mold for structural walls and as a thermal insulation layer. This technique offers many benefits over traditional construction methods, such as speed, custom geometry, and cost. As well, direct integration of building utilities like wiring and plumbing can be incorporated into the printing process.

This research was sponsored by the NSF EAGER award: Bio-Beams: FGM Digital Design & Fabrication.

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