Micro-macro Fluidic Fabrication

Micro-macro Fluidic Fabrication

Mid-sole running shoe case study
2012-2014, Multi-material molding, casting and macro-fluidics
MIT Media Lab

Carlos David Gonzalez Uribe,Prof. Neri Oxman

Micro-macro Fluidic Fabrication (MMFF) enables the control of mechanical properties through the design of non-linear lattices embedded within multi-material matrices. This hybrid technique integrates multi-material molding, casting and macro-fluidics. Its workflow allows for the fabrication of complex matrices of geometrical channels injected with polymers of different pre-set mechanical combinations. This novel fabrication technique is implemented in the design and fabrication of a midsole running shoe. The goal is to passively tune material stiffness across surface area in order to absorb the impact force of the user’s body weight relative to the ground and enhance the direction of the foot strike impulse force relative to the center of body mass.

Research in collaboration with Prof. Hugh Herr and the Biomechatronics Group
Sponsored in part by New Balance

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