Reaction-Difusion (RD) Bitmap Printing

Reaction-Difusion (RD) Bitmap Printing

2012-2013, Bitmap 3D Print
Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Prof. Neri Oxman,Jorge Duro-Royo,Jared Laucks,Elizabeth Tsai,Zjenja Doubrovski

CT scan data is converted to material distribution charts guides the allocation of stiff and soft materials. A novel digital fabrication method developed by entitled Bitmap Printing that facilitates the 3d printing of 16-micron physical bits will be implemented to support high-resolution digital fabrication of heterogeneous functional material gradients. Each scale within the overall armor construction will be designed and printed with varying physical properties informed by our multi-scalar mappings. For more infromation see also Hierarchical RD Bitmap Printing.

In collaboration with W. Craig Carter (MIT) and Joe Hicklin (The Mathworks). Photos: Yoram Reshef

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