Vascular Skin

Vascular Skin

Responsive Membrane Design
2011-2012, Glass
MIT Medial Lab

Federico Mazzolini,Elizabeth Tsai,Michal Firstenberg,Prof. Neri Oxman

Hydrogels are crosslink polymers that are capable of absorbing great amount of water. They have been studied during the last 50 years, largely due to their hydrophilic character at ambient temperatures, which make them biocompatible and attractive for various biological applications. Nevertheless, in our project, we are interested in their hydrophilic-hydrophobic phase-transition, occurring slightly above room temperature. We investigate the mechanical and optical transformations at this phase transition – namely their swelling, permeability, and optical transmission modification – as enabling ‘responsive’ or ‘passive’ dynamics for future product design.

In collaboration with Benjamin Hutton, Wyss Institute, Harvard University.

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